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This is just to keep readers in the loop about my plans to create an Ubuntu distro that has a bootable Indaba browser session/cloud based upon Mozilla. Expected savings on CPU and RAM overhead are massive and in line with the WEB 3.0 Wave that Google is creating. Obviously, some of you might ask the question, why not a Google Chrome Project, well all good. You go out and do it. For now, I have not been able to get 64bit Chrome running with any success on my home distro which is Hardy 8.04.

PS For you edification, my first sighting of Buddahbuntutonight.

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Google recently announced the launch of their “Chrome OS“. The Linux-based desktop has been available for at least a year (codename) but for now Google considers it an “Operating System” and according to their marketing machine it will “eat the PC, destroy Microsoft and make every other OS meaningless”. The press love a good story about the world’s Number One brand taking on Microsoft.

Will this effect the exponential growth of Ubuntu, the worlds most popular Linux distribution? I think not. More likely, Google Chrome will become just another desktop variant of Ubuntu and it is Ubuntu which is swallowing all other Linux distros, as the original Gnu-Hurd strategy unfurls. As far as real world computing goes, Ubuntu has the better metaphor. The Ubuntu default Gnome desktop however, is far from being the better desktop.  Competition in the Desktop environment has thankfully hotted up over the past months, so users can expect great advances in usability as well as Internet connectivity.

In fact 2009 could turn out to be the Year of the OS and 2010 the Year of the Desktop as Microsoft unveils Windows 7 and Ubuntu Karmic Koala hits the streets, now Google Chrome is also vying for our attention, alongside at least 20 other Linux-based desktops and 250 associated Linux “Operating systems”.


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logo_192I find the niche marketing of Ubuntu quite ridiculous sometimes. Of course, given the infinitely variable environment of Linux and the freedom of Ubuntu, there’s always bound to be somebody who asks the question: “What if Ubuntu was more like …..”

Since there was an Ubuntu CE and an Ubuntu ME, why not an Ubuntu Zion? See the problem? So instead of the logical offering, we get a joke – Jubuntu.

Who is going to use anything so idiotically sounding? Maybe the same people who are touting Bubuntu (the black ubuntu) as if Ubuntu wasn’t black to begin with? Okay, okay, I get the joke. I am a Jew after all. No need to Kibbitz about everything.

According to Launchpad, Jubuntu provides “Jewish people (and anyone else) with a light-hearted, welcoming version of Ubuntu with a focus on Jewish culture.”

“Emphasis for Jubuntu is placed on cultural aspects of judaism (eating, family, guilt) rather than focusing religious or linguistic aspects of judaism. For example, themes revolving around bagels or “call your mother” reminders, rather than Torah scrolls and Talmudic references.”


UPDATE: Stumbled across two “official” looking websites. The first one http://www.jewbuntu.org/ is hilarious and says its just a joke. Second one, http://www.jewbuntu.com/ actually provides a download and has a much better looking logo.

I guess this means there really is a Jewish Deli Edition? An should we hold our thumbs and wait for Kabbalahabuntu with Zohar Code?

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A lifesaver. Most comprehensive posting I’ve seen on the subject.


You can do the same for Mozilla Thunderbird

edit>preferences>advanced> config editor

In the Config Editor, search for “mailnews.thread_pane_column_unthreads” by typing it in at the top. When you see the preference, change the value from “True” to “False” by double-clicking on it, or by right clicking and changing the value. This will help you keep the threaded view stuck across the different sorting methods.

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Work in Progress. This is an exercise. I make no claims as to the efficacy or safety of the advice. In fact, this tutorial is incomplete and should not be used under any circumstances. This is test of the early warning system. I repeat, a test.

Clone your Ubuntu machine into abstraction

This is not the same as backing up. Making a backup of anything in today’s age of superfast Internet, quad-core processors and near unlimited storage space is old-fashioned. Trouble is, in the third world, we still have to deal with issues of bandwidth scarcity, lack of resource capacity and so on. Ordinary people can’t backup everything, and even if they did, using any number of devices, Time Machine springs to mind, the system fails if your array is stolen, if there is a natural disaster, or if simply you run out of time. Result, no backup.

So there you sit without an exact replica of your machine. Next best thing is to reduce the sum of its parts, its totality into an abstraction, with a series of awkward maneouvres which might result in a recipe for a script which presumably could resurrect your machine from the dead.

If there was an abstraction tool, capable of cloning my machine, I would use it. As of now, there doesn’t appear to be suh a device. So here is the beginning of a list of abstractions. Wish I had started out doing this to begin with, with a new installation, but with a bit of reverse engineering, I might end up with an exact replica, a clone of my own machine.

Backup Cycle

1. Backup MBR
Method One

2. Backup Grub

cp /boot/grub/menu.lst ~/new-location/menu.lst

2. Backup Software Sources

cp /etc/apt/sources.list ~/new-location/sources.list

3. Backup Markings File

4. Backup Settings.

5. Output list of installed applications
dpkg –get-selections > apps.txt

Clone Cycle

5. Author a distribution of your setup.

6. Reinstall applications from file list

dpkg –set-selections < apps.txt
dselect update
apt-get dselect-upgrade show

What have I forgotten? If you have any comments, or wish to contribute to this experiment, then please give a shout out, but under no circumstances, do I intend crashing my machine in order to find out if the plan works, at least not for now

My apps

My sources


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