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Local bandwidth IRC for ZA

Here’s the thing. IRC or Internet Relay Channel is usually associated with chatrooms. It also makes a great Internet Messaging platform. You can set up IM client like Pidgin to message and chat. However IRC in South Africa can be a hassle if you on local bandwidth. Most popular servers are overseas, but there are a number of local options.


Popular chatroom server, one of the oldest around. Appears to have less “hacker-types” than it used to. A sign that IRC is losing its edge or just going mainstream?


Great place for gaming and edge of the Net attitude.


Bit of a mystery. It was set up in 1998 and seems to have been taken over by Indochat and foreign types.


Platform of choice for today’s youth. Has a pidgin plugin and mobile client.

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Here is the search link for google cache of the destroyed bundublog material. Couple of months postings. Not everything is in the cache, but at least its still around. Just looking, I am surprised at the number of references to this blog. Popularity has its downfall, a server which collapsed from wear and tear, or just plain stupidity? Where to from here?

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Ubuwiki wishes come true

With all the fuss about bundublog falling over, I didn’t have much time to post something important. Out of the blue, I got an email to say some of my wishes on the Ubuwiki wish list had been granted. Talk about ubuntu,. this is an example of community DIY. I really must get a page up for the project which is currently hosted on sourceforge. Maybe this is how it will happen. BTW littlegirl has her own WoaS project called Book-on-a-Stick. You can see her modifications here


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Hi David

Thanks for the mail:

I received the following message from the host of Bundublog.com – a company
called Midphase in the US –

Their faulty hardware has wiped out everything on the server (including
large chunks of their backups) leaving me with 500+ blogs (including 25 of
my own) and content which has been damaged.

I am trying to see what they can recover in terms of what is in the
database. As soon as they can advise where we are at I can start the
recovery process but I can’t upload the original wordpress database until I
know what is on their server.

At the moment I am literally tearing my hair out at this appalling customer
service from them.


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