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As Ubuntu becomes more mainstream, and development decisions reflect the new populist as opposed to humanitarian goals of the project, we find our problems resembling problems in other mainstream software.

An example is Plymouth, which has presented all sorts of troubles for the community. Fresh installs tend to do well, while upgrades vary in the kind of problem experienced.

Being one of the people affected by Plymouth’s tendency to load with black screen, blinking curser and low resolution, I found it slightly disheartening that the solution at Ubuntuforums was incomplete. A page set up by the community providing known workarounds and solutions provided part of the puzzle, but the actual fix was sitting at Softpedia.

This meant, while Softpedia was winning readers, those who were relying on the forums and ubuntu wiki were losing. Surely there is an obligation to report a bug fix or workaround to the community which produces the software before using the information to drive advertising and revenue on a site which probably paid the person who provided the solution?

Then again, maybe this is just a wake-up call. As Ubuntu becomes more mainstream, so do its problems. Softpedia is therefore doing us a sterling service by catering to those users affected by an incomplete Plymouth which has yet to mature.

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NB UPDATE Manuw2009 appears to be the coder running ahead with the latest Coverflow plugin, and needs help from U8UNTU users to implement the icons in the plugin. Join the discussion on Ubuntu Forums remember, Freedom = Participation.

Benevolent prodding about the lack of Rhythmbox plugins is paying off. Development of the much vaunted “Rhyming Cvrflw” has resumed and lo and behold, a test version of the plugin was released by manuw2009 yesterday.

You can try it out right now

Download the plugin

untar and place folder in ~/.gnome2/rhythmbox/plugins/

(.gnome2 for those who don’t already know is a hidden directory in your home folder. Cntrl H will reveal it in nautilus)

restart Rhythmbox

Go to Edit > Plugins

Click on Art Flow

You should see a Coverflow window with generic icons

Future versions should have album art and ability to play music.

For some weirdness with one of the stranger words in the English dictionary, Try Rhyming with Rythmblox, Rythmfox, Rythmflox …

You can now check out the latest version via subversion

svn checkout http://rhythmbox-coverflow-plugin.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ rhythmbox-coverflow-plugin

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This is a neat way of cleaning the gnome registry, useful after an upgrade or if you simply want to speed up the machine.

apt-get install gconf-cleaner

Remember to first back up in case anything goes wrong:

cp -av ~/.gconf ~/.gconf-backup

run gconf-cleaner

It showed about 1200 keys in my system that could be cleaned.

Yes to all.

Check this tutorial out, great visuals:


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Girls for Ubuntu

It may be too late to enter the competition, but you can always participate.

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