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Mega games pack

A cool linux games iso packed with freedom.



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One of my favourite games used to be Jazz Jackrabbit. Frogatto has a similar 2D look and feel but could do with an information bar instead of pop-up dialogues which I find slightly irritating. Great game though.

sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/frogatto.list http://www.frogatto.com/apt/frogatto.list
wget -O- http://www.frogatto.com/apt/key.gpg | sudo apt-key add -
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install frogatto

THANKS: Ubutronics

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More great themes


Neon GTK by marko23

Elegant Pack Gnome 0.3.3 by Arobase

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THE YES MEN FIX THE WORLD is a screwball true story about two gonzo political activists who, posing as top executives of giant corporations, lie their way into big business conferences and pull off the world’s most outrageous pranks. This peer-to-peer special edition of the film is unique: it is preceded by an EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of the Yes Men impersonating the United States Chamber of Commerce. p2p  is the only way that this film is being distributed. Please spread the word!


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Over the weekend I got into some bash functions.

Paste these into your .bashrc file

1. Command line wiki query
function wiki () {

COLUMNS=`tput cols`

dig +short txt “`echo $@`”.wp.dg.cx | sed -e ‘s/” “//g’ -e ‘s/^”//g’ -e ‘s/”$//g’ -e ‘s/ http:/\n\nhttp:/’ | fmt -w $COLUMNS


2. Disk Usage with human readable formatting
#disk usage formatted
function duf {
du -sk "$@" | sort -n | while read size fname; do for unit in k M G T P E Z Y; do if [ $size -lt 1024 ]; then echo -e "${size}${unit}\t${fname}"; break; fi; size=$((size/1024)); done; done

3. Directory sizes
#dirsize - finds directory sizes and lists them for the current directory
dirsize () {
du -shx * .[a-zA-Z0-9_]* 2> /dev/null | \
egrep '^ *[0-9.]*[MG]' | sort -n > /tmp/list
egrep '^ *[0-9.]*M' /tmp/list
egrep '^ *[0-9.]*G' /tmp/list
rm -rf /tmp/list

4. Power extract function
extract () {
if [ -f $1 ] ; then
case $1 in
*.tar.bz2)   tar xjf $1        ;;
*.tar.gz)    tar xzf $1     ;;
*.bz2)       bunzip2 $1       ;;
*.rar)       rar x $1     ;;
*.gz)        gunzip $1     ;;
*.tar)       tar xf $1        ;;
*.tbz2)      tar xjf $1      ;;
*.tgz)       tar xzf $1       ;;
*.zip)       unzip $1     ;;
*.Z)         uncompress $1  ;;
*.7z)        7z x $1    ;;
*)           echo "'$1' cannot be extracted via extract()" ;;
echo "'$1' is not a valid file"

6. Network Information
#netinfo - shows network information for your system
netinfo ()
echo "--------------- Network Information ---------------"
/sbin/ifconfig | awk /'inet addr/ {print $2}'
/sbin/ifconfig | awk /'Bcast/ {print $3}'
/sbin/ifconfig | awk /'inet addr/ {print $4}'
/sbin/ifconfig | awk /'HWaddr/ {print $4,$5}'
myip=`lynx -dump -hiddenlinks=ignore -nolist http://checkip.dyndns.org:8245/ | sed '/^$/d; s/^[ ]*//g; s/[ ]*$//g' `
echo "${myip}"
echo "---------------------------------------------------"

7. Translate from commandline
#Translate a Word  - USAGE: translate house spanish  # See dictionary.com for available languages (there are many).
translate ()
TRANSLATED=`lynx -dump "http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/${1}" | grep -i -m 1 -w "${2}:" | sed 's/^[ \t]*//;s/[ \t]*$//'`
if [[ ${#TRANSLATED} != 0 ]] ;then
echo "\"${1}\" in ${TRANSLATED}"
echo "Sorry, I can not translate \"${1}\" to ${2}"

8. Define a word
# Define a word - USAGE: define dog
define ()
lynx -dump "http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=define%3A+${1}&btnG=Google+Search" | grep -m 3 -w "*"  | sed 's/;/ -/g' | cut -d- -f1 > /tmp/templookup.txt
if [[ -s  /tmp/templookup.txt ]] ;then
until ! read response
echo "${response}"
done < /tmp/templookup.txt
echo "Sorry $USER, I can't find the term \"${1} \""
\rm -f /tmp/templookup.txt

9. Simple Clock
# clock - A bash clock that can run in your terminal window.
clock ()
while true;do clear;echo "===========";date +"%r";echo "===========";sleep 1;done

MORE functions can be found here

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A-Team star shuns Google

Sharlto Copley stopped Googling himself when he won the role of Murdock in ‘The A-Team’.

The South African actor – who rose to fame in critically acclaimed sci-fi movie ‘District 9’ – admits he had to stop looking himself up when he signed up to the film because he didn’t want to read criticism of himself.

He said: “It’s probably when I stopped Googling myself. I didn’t want to know. I pushed the character more the way he was in the original than perhaps the studio would have gone for. But of course Dwight Schultz, the original Murdock, got fired at the end of the pilot because they felt that he was just too much but then when the audience test results came back they rehired him.

“In many ways he was ahead of his time.”

The 36-year-old star also revealed he was into the original series of ‘The A-Team’ in the 1980s and collected merchandise from the show.

He told ShortList: “I had all the merchandise, the dossier with the trading cards, the action figures, everything.”

We hope Copley chooses an Open Source alternative to Google, like Duck Duck Go.

FROM Iafrica.Com

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