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U8UNTU eLXER hits top 30 ZA blogs

Thanks to our readers, U8UNTU eLXER made the top 30 list of South Africa blogs this week as measured by myScoop. Admittedly this is a questionable statistic — like being one of the top chewing gum practitioners in the world, but making it to number 30 on the sites top 100 blog list in a country which practically worships Ubuntu as the predominant philosophy about the way the world works, really has warmed the cockles of my heart. I am because I ubuntu! Here’s to all my fellow compatriots – time to grok the world’s number one Linux distro.

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Ubuntu Links

The Ubuntu community continues to expand and grow. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get all the websites, blogs and forums on the freedom-loving distribution in one easy-to-use jump-off space? Here is a start at creating a list of valuable links to the Ubuntu Community which have received no official endorsement as well as Canonical-sponsored sites. Keep an open-mind, and take all free advice with a pinch of salt.

Shipit Request Ubuntu CD

Canonical Store

Ubuntu in Launchpad

Ubuntu Home Page

The Fridge – News for Human Beings Official newsletter from Canonical and Ubuntu.Com

Ubuntu Official Documentation and Help

Ubuntu Forums

Ubuntu Brainstorm

Ubuntu Planet


Ubuntu Guides

Ubuntu Blog

Only Ubuntu

Ubuntu Dawn

Ubuntu Wiki

Ubuntu Tweak

Ubuntu Geek

Ubuntu Tutorials

Ubuntu Unleashed

64bit Jungle for 64bit Ubuntu users

Ubuntu Art — Artwork for Ubuntu

Ubuntu Linux Wallpapers

Ubuntu One

Ubuntu Podcast

Ubuntu UK Podcast

Fresh Ubuntu Podcast

Works with U Vodcast

Get Deb – Software for Ubuntu

Planet Ubuntu Women

Ubuntu Story – Share your Ubuntu Linux Story

Ubuntu Live Stats

Ubuntu Clips – Video Howtos for Human Beings

Ubuntu Screencasts

Ubuntu Linux Help

Ubuntu News

The Daily Ubunu

Ubuntu Daily

Ubuntu Hardware Compatibility List

Ubuntu Europe

Ubuntu Women

Ubuntu Learner

Ubuntu Comedy

Ubuntu Unleashed — Open Source Book

Ubuntu Kung Fu

Ubuntu Tips and Tricks

Ubuntu Linux Tips and Tricks

Full Circle Magazine

Ubuntu HQ

Works with U

Ubuntu Inside Me – Ubuntu Blog

Another Ubuntu

Ubuntu Essentials

Debian Ubuntu

Only Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Mailing Lists

Doctor Mo Ubuntu Blog

Psychocats Ubuntu Tutorials

Ubuntu Living

Tombuntu — News, Tips, and How-Tos for Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu Application Popularity Contest Stats on downloads of popular Ubuntu applications

The Fridge – News for Human Beings Official newsletter from Canonical and Ubuntu.Com

Ubuntu Manuals

This site contains hundreds of thousands of dynamically generated manuals, extracted from every package of every supported version of Ubuntu

Ubuntu Hall of Fame

You can be a rock-star in the world of software development.

Ubuntu Counter

The Ubuntu Counter Project is like a miniature version of The Linux Counter. It aims to catalogue the number of registered machines using the numerous varients of the Ubuntu Linux distribution but appears to have become defunct. Revive the project by offering your assistance.

Free Ubuntu Pocketguide

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