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It never ceases to amaze me how Ubuntu has taken off in the Spanish-speaking world. Then again RMS speaks Spanish and Marcos Diaz, who is Spanish born, is the person who initiated the Nathive project. Nathive is a free image editor like Photoshop, Corel or GIMP, but focused on usability. The program runs in GNOME environments, and anyone can participate in it, contributing ideas or code translations. The project is currently in beta, is written in Python using GTK +, and is working hard to get a very complete program without losing  ease of use.  Nathive’s philosophy is to show respect and gratitude towards the community of GIMP, to make it easy and to reach people who do not need to see all the options at the same time

Nathiv is now a growing community which you can join if you wish.

* 32-bit deb: nathive_0.920-1_i386.deb

64-bit deb: nathive_0.920-1_amd64.deb

There are also packages for other Linux distros:

32-bit rpm: nathive-0.920-1.i386.rpm

64-bit rpm: nathive-0.920-1.x86_64.rpm

Nathive Official Website

Check out this awesome video of Nathive in action.

THANKS Novatillasku

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The fifth annual  Libre Graphics Meeting 2010, was held in Brussels earlier this year.  Developers and users of Free, Libre and Open Source graphics software gathered to discuss the wonderful topic: —  “Cutting edge graphics software meets free culture”  Libre Graphics Magazine #0 was launched. Finally I have my mouse on a copy.

You can download it right here

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This is ProjectM, the awesome audio visualiser. It allows you to play with the popular Milkdrop visuals of which there are hundreds available in the forum but don’t appear to be in the officials repos yet, although some bits are already part of Totem. Ubuntugeek has provided a tutorial on how to go about compiling the latest release. Be warned, it might not be plane sailing, but there is plenty of help in the Ubuntu Forums topic. And we probably have to campaign if we want to get the somewhat psychedelic audio visual project a proper ppa. Then again, why not hack Totem? The player could do with a better Milkdrop plugin system.

UPDATE: If the latest version doesn’t work, and there are reports of there being trouble with the code repository. Try an earlier version. This works just fine in Lucid and Karmic



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Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay

Ubuntu Robot

Open Your Mind

Ubuntu Light

Ubuntu Light

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Barney - the real force behind Ubuntu's new design change.

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Lucid Lynx making a break with tradition

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Naartjie + Aubergine = New Design

Added some stock eyes and a mouth

What is a Naartjie?

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