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Sweet links

Finch, a command line alternative to pidgin

How to install Firefox 40-beta-2-pre monthly from a ppa

Netactview, a graphical netstat utility

New Zealand first country to make software unpatentable

URD a Usenet binary downloader

5 things Linux converts should know

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Just a note to say the Ubuntusphere is growing and is probably the largest collection of Ubuntu-related links in the Southern Hemisphere. If you have a link or a site which you feel needs to be listed, please ethnopunk at telkomsa.net  and I’ll consider it for inclusion. Also, any ideas about a graphic? I know a sphere would look good, and we all know the Ubuntu logo is spherical. But exactly how to go about illustrating the idea?  I was thinking the Ubuntusphere is more about an ecosystem of sites, an Ubuntucology if you will. If you have any ideas, please fire away.

UPDATE: Here it is the Ubuntusphere, a photoretouched Rubik sphere using Gimp

Welcome to the Ubuntusphere

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Found a cool Nautilus Subversion Integration tool that allows one to execute SVN commands using Gnome scripts.

sudo apt-get install nautilus-actions

Requires Zenity and Subversion.

Link to download the scripts

Also, found the SVN Workbench  from Tigris.org – Open Source Software Engineering Tools

sudo apt-get install python-svn

sudo apt-get install svn-workbench

Also a newer beta version of Nautilussvn which imitates TortoiseSVN on Windows.

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Stumbled across Everything Ubuntu quite by accident. The site appears to have been launched within the past two months and features a customised Google search engine as its main feature plus a handy page of very cool apps. Thanks to Everything Ubuntu, I found Digikam and Aptana. Now wouldn’t it be amazing if we had a visual universe of Ubuntu apps to feast our eyes on? A great interface so you can just point and click, before you decide what you want to apt-get from the repos, and install?

Great start to building a truly customised Ubuntu search

Great start to building a truly customised Ubuntu search

We love them, and want more!

We love them, and want more!

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