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This is by far the best method of managing multiple ISO on a USB


I used this tutorial to get the first ISO onto the stick, after which you can simply drop the ISOs into the multiobootusb folder.

Another method which I haven’t tried

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This page will take you to the support page for searching Epson drivers

Epson Printer Utility

ESC/P Driver (full feature)

Image Scan


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Here is a step-by-step solution how to install the drivers for the Canon PIXMA iP3600 printer on Ubuntu 9.10 (should work for all printers as well with their respective drivers, and for later ubuntu releases as well)
The .deb packages from canon need to be modified to replace the dependency on libcupsys2 by libcups2

1) download Canon’s driver in .deb format from here:
http://software.canon-europe.com/software/0031336.asp and save it to your disk. The file will be ip3600_debian_printer.tar

2) Change to this directory, and untar the archive:
tar xvf ip3600_debian_printer.tar
It produces the following files:

3) It is the two .deb files, which need modifications before installation. For both of them do the following (where X.deb stands
for the given .deb file, replace X by the filename)

ar x X.deb
# this produces debian-binary, data.tar.gz and control.tar.gz
# in the current working directory)

mkdir tmp; cd tmp
# create and change to the tmp directory

tar xvzf ../control.tar.gz
# this extracts the following files into tmp/: md5sums, control
# (and postinst and postrm in case of cnijfilter-ip3600series_3.00-1_i386.deb)

sed -i ‘s/libcupsys2/libcups2/g’ control
# this replaces libcupsys2 by libcups2 in the file ‘control’

rm -f ../control.tar.gz
# remove the old archive

tar cvzf ../control.tar.gz *
# this re-creates the control.tar.gz archive with all the files

cd ..; rm -rf tmp
# change one directory up, remove tmp/ directory

ar r X.deb control.tar.gz
# this replaces the control.tar.gz member in the X.deb debian
# package file (which is a standard Unix ‘ar’ archive)

rm -f control.tar.gz debian-binary data.tar.gz
# this cleans up temporary files

4) Ready. Install these two packages:
sudo dpkg -i *.deb

Good luck!

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If you find that your board isn’t showing up in ports and you’re getting this error:

error: espcomm_open failed

error: espcomm_upload_mem failed

First install the  Silicon Labs CP2102 USB to UART Bridge driver for your operating system.

Then follow the instructions here to add the ESP8266 board to the Arduino IDE.

see this tutorial 


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New U8UNTU Elixir Site

Our new address: http://u8untu.blogetery.com

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Good news is blogetery.com is back online. If you recall, this blog was  in the process of moving to blogetery when the site got taken down by an over-eager service provider who thought Open Source was the work of El Quaeda. It didn’t help matters that a magazine called Vision was publishing recipes about how to blow up the world with Ubuntu.

Check out our new site


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U8UNTU needs a new logo

Been thinking about a new logo. Something like the above, which is based on Ubuntu FM.

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