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Although U8UNTU eLXR’s much vaunted migration to Blogetery.Com appears to have run aground, with the site disappearing off the Bermuda Triangle — word only now reaches us about the server getting impounded by authorities for copyright violations related to free and open source software — we can still report about two amazing command line / console apps. Both fit the bill for “wish I had this when I started out” with the new fangled Ubuntu craze featuring. Return to the Command Line by the Open Source Kid.


You can get CLIcompanion by running the following command in a Terminal:

bzr branch lp:~duanedesign/+junk/clicompanion

Move the .clicompanion file found in the clicompanion directory into your $HOME. You may need to select View –> Show hidden files (Ctrl +H) to see the .clicompanion file.
After moving the file return to the Terminal and run the following to move into the clicompanion directory:

cd clicompanion/

Start the application with the command:

python clicompanion.0.0.7.py

THANKS okiebuntu

2. Cheatsheet

A console app which pretty much does the same thing, but from the command line.

You can get the cheatsheet code with the command:

bzr branch lp:cheatsheet

then move into the directory
cd cheatsheet/
Make the file executable:
chmod +x cheatsheet.py
Then move it to one of your $PATH directories. You can view these with the command: echo $PATH
I chose /usr/local/bin/ for the next command
Move the file with the command:
sudo cp cheatsheet.py /usr/local/bin/cheat
Then from a Terminal you can view the command usage by running:
cheat –help


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