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31 of the 130 Ubuntu HOWTOS from Say Linux

  1. Unzip or Unrar Many Files at Once in Linux
  2. Track MySQL Queries with mysqlsniffer on Ubuntu
  3. Set Gmail as Default Mail Client in Ubuntu
  4. Fix “Password required” Error When Using Unrar in Ubuntu
  5. Add the Trash Can Icon to Your Ubuntu Desktop
  6. Hide Removable Drive Icons from Your Ubuntu Desktop
  7. Assign Custom Shortcut Keys on Ubuntu Linux
  8. Monitor Your Website in Real-Time with Apachetop
  9. Reinstall Ubuntu Grub Bootloader After Windows Wipes it Out
  10. Display Number of Processors on Linux
  11. Delete Files Older Than x Days on Linux
  12. Upgrading Ubuntu From Edgy to Feisty (6.10 to 7.04)
  13. Save 15 Keystrokes – Use Ctrl+Enter to Complete URL
  14. Installing Rainlendar2 on Ubuntu
  15. Install Samba Server on Ubuntu
  16. Share Ubuntu Home Directories using Samba
  17. Create a Samba User on Ubuntu
  18. Set Windows as Default OS when Dual Booting Ubuntu
  19. Change your Network Card MAC Address on Ubuntu
  20. Install MySQL Server 5 on Ubuntu
  21. Install MySQL Server 4.1 on Ubuntu
  22. Install Subversion with Web Access on Ubuntu
  23. Change the GRUB Menu Timeout on Ubuntu
  24. Show the GRUB Menu by Default on Ubuntu
  25. How to Customize Your Ubuntu Kernel
  26. Enable Remote Desktop (VNC) on Kubuntu
  27. Disable the System Beep on Ubuntu Edgy
  28. Disable the Login Sound on Ubuntu
  29. Install TrueCrypt on Ubuntu Edgy
  30. Keyboard Shortcuts for Bash ( Command Shell for Ubuntu, Debian, Suse, Redhat, Linux, etc)
  31. See What Updated Packages Are Available from Ubuntu Command Line

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