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It’s taken me a while to access the full power of Nautilus. Yes, I’ve always known about the convenient “open in terminal” which appears if you install Nautilus Actions, andĀ  adding scripts to Nautilus has always been a cinch (just drop them in theĀ  ~/.gnome/nautilus-scripts, and chmod +x ) but have you tried some of the cooler music addons?

Get Nautilus to Play Banshee

Enqueue files in Rythmbox

Enqueue files with VLC

Enqueue in Audacious or add a similar nautilus action

Download Cover Art with Nautilus

Check out g-scripts


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ZenTwitter is an amazing small script which is able to update twitter accounts without the need of having a browser window open all the time. It uses zenity and curl. (note: if you want to just use your terminal for tweeting see this posting)


Just dump it into your ~/bin directory, open it in the editor of your choice to change the username/password, make it executable (chmod a+x) and add a launcher icon to the panel/menu/desktop of your preferred window manager.

Download: ZenTwitter.tgz


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