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Firefox memory hacks

One can set configuration settings to limit the amount of memory that Firefox uses to cache pages and store session history.

You can look at what is currently in Firefox’s memory cache by putting this into the location bar:


Change the available settings. (For each you need to type about:config into the address sbar, in order to add the settings.)


This limits the amount of memory that Firefox will use to store images. Set to the cache size you want in KB. So to set the maximum to 24MB give the number 24576.


This limits the amount of memory that Firefox will use to store old pages. This speeds up going backward and forward through pages.

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If you’re running lucid, you should have the latest version 3.6 of Firefox from Mozilla.

Here are some hidden features  disabled by default, similar to Compiz expo and shift-switcher.

Preview Tabs in Firefox

Open a new tab and type “about:config” into the address bar. Then find the following value and set it to true instead of false:


Once activated, you can preview tabs using  keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Tab (or Ctrl + Shift + Tab if you want to have the search engine as well).

To activate the display, also change the following option to true:


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A lifesaver. Most comprehensive posting I’ve seen on the subject.


You can do the same for Mozilla Thunderbird

edit>preferences>advanced> config editor

In the Config Editor, search for “mailnews.thread_pane_column_unthreads” by typing it in at the top. When you see the preference, change the value from “True” to “False” by double-clicking on it, or by right clicking and changing the value. This will help you keep the threaded view stuck across the different sorting methods.

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