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Ubuntu Women design

Some great designs from Linux Tips & Tricks

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Found this a week ago, and forgot to note down who did it. It is hilerious because of the juxtoposition of authority figure forcing us to use FOSS.

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Ubuntu themes never cease to amaze. Here are two I find interesting.

Project Bisigi Eco-Theme

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bisigi/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install eco-theme


Zuki is available as a download from gnome-looks.

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poster-layout This amazing poster by Hannes Pasqualini was released as an open source file which anybody can print. It  has now been rereleased and is an example of the ingenuity and frontier spirit that can be found on the Ubuntu forums. Unfortunately, as Ubuntu becomes more mainstream, so too the issues which are tackled. The result is that  Ubuntu is starting to lose some of its uniqueness and is in danger of turning into Microsoft Windows. Instead of focusing on pie-in-the-sky ideas like cloud computing, Ubuntu should rather make an effort to produce amazing software, taking some of the code-base which is already in Linux and making this more user-friendly. Then it will stand a chance of beating Microsoft. The highway to freedom is open, but what we do with it, will determine our future, and the future of coming generations. What will you leave behind for those who come after you? What will they find when they surf the Internet? Download the source file and print yourself a copy. Distribute it, or translate it into your home language. Here is the link to the original posting.

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